The InRuTou Transferability Manual is available!

The InRuTou Transferability Manual is available!

The goal of the manual is to support the transferability of the project results to other rural (mountain) regions by giving insights into the InRuTou project.

It provides ideas for organizations and individuals, interested in initiating or enhancing community-based sustainable rural tourism development processes.

InRuTou Transferability Manual briefly describes the main project components, to enable replication:

  • Background Analysis, including community consultations;
  • Demand and Supply Framework;
  • Competence Framework;
  • The pedagogical model and Curriculum Design;
  • ICT Tools used;
  • Training guidelines;
  • Evaluating the training.

Some advice tips from the project partners’ experience have been distributed throughout the text.

The manual was published for InRuTou Networking Event that took place in Vienna on July 15, 2015. The report, presentations and pictures from the event will be available soon.