Pilot training started in Polish pilot area Beskidy

Pilot training started in Polish pilot area Beskidy

On May, 18th 2015 Polish pilot region – Beskidy, started series of meetings leading to development of new tourism projects. During the first, introductory meeting, participants decided to split into 4 smaller groups (according to regions they live in): Beskid Śląski, Beskid Żywiecki, Gorce and Beskid Sądecki.

They will meet again on July, 1st to summarise the job done and plan promotion activities, as well as assess the tools provided by InRuTou and effectiveness of training curriculum.

In the meantime regions will meet separately, keeping in touch with each other developments with a use of the Sharing Platform.

First meeting took place in the village of Jaworzynka, in Beskid Śląski, and covered subject of sustainable tourism and promotion together with thorough introduction of InRuTou project tools – e-learning, sharing platform, desktop and mobile application. In the discussion that followed first ideas for new tourism products were exchanged.

The InRuTou project attracted about 30 people including accommodation providers, restaurateurs, farmers, graziers, hiking and mountain guides, representatives of local cultural centres, tourist information points and tourist associations. Those who could not participated, e.g. due to farmwork or high tourism season, will be able to join on line discussion and meetings in their regions.