InRuTou (m)app

InRuTou (m)app

This app is part of the InRuTou – Innovation in Rural Tourism – Project. The app allows tourists to search for touristic Points of Interests (PoI) in several rural areas in Europe. The aim of the app is to connect tourists with local entrepreneurs and to promote sustainable tourism in rural areas in Europe. In particular the app wants to:

  • to promote the rural destination involved in the project
  • to catalogue all the rural attractions within the pilot areas of the project

The InRuTou app si multilingual and the content, if available, can be searched in English, Romanian, Polish, Italian and Ukrainan.

At the moment the rural areas presents in the app are:

  • Beskidy – Poland
  • Bucovyna – Ukraine
  • Hutsulshyna – Ukraine
  • Dorna Country – Romania
  • Parco dell′Aveto – Italy

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