InRuTou Final Party in Parco Dell’Aveto

InRuTou Final Party in Parco Dell’Aveto

The official end of the project, namely the 30th of November 2015, will be “celebrated” in the Italian Pilot Area (Parco dell’Aveto) with a meeting of all the pilot training participants.

The appointment will be the occasion to consign to the trainees an Attendance Certificate for their participation in the InRuTou course and, hopefully, to renovate their enthusiasm for working together and consolidate the Focus Groups created during the training for the implementation of new Tourism Products.

The meeting will be held in Borzonasca at the usual venue of the training sessions (head office of Parco dell’Aveto).

Starting at 6.00 pm, and being in Italy (where food is omnipresent!), it will include also a kind of “potluck party”: each attendee is asked to bring some home-made food or drink to share! This is meant to be also another way to get to know each other better, by means of trying each other’s recipes, and a way for restaurant owners and farmers to promote their cuisine or products among the other tourism operators as well.

In conclusion, we hope that this “final” party will actually be the “starting” point of a stabilized cooperation among our InRuTou-generated Tourist Innovators